The key to acing a job interview is to KNOW YOUR Sh*T

The key to acing an interview is to KNOW YOUR Sh*T

I read an interesting post on social media, which shared the above excellent nugget about interviews.  And while I agreed with it wholeheartedly, it also gave me some food for thought.

I often work with senior level professionals in helping them prepare for interviews. All of them are accomplished, have many years of experience behind them, and there is no doubt that they know their sh*t.  But I have realised that just knowing their sh*t is not enough.  Many suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

The common symptoms of IBS are-

  • Looseness of bowels aka Diarrhea: They have eaten a lot. All kinds of experiences. Many years of it. When it comes to dumping, they lose control. Can’t contain the flow once things start. I see this as a very common issue.


  • Inability to empty the bowels aka Constipation: They have some sh*t to share! Oh yes.  But for whatever reasons they are not able to dump comfortably. The struggle is real. Sometimes painful. I totally empathize.


  • Incomplete evacuation, or the Inability to do your business within your allotted time in the toilet. Similar to above. Their performance in the toilet is not efficient or consistent. They don’t realize that they have held back, or couldn’t remember some important stuff that definitely should have been shared.


So there you are. Just knowing your sh*t is not always enough. You need to work on dumping right too. And yes, your diet is very important. What you’ve been feeding yourself all these years is critical to your performance.

As for the rest, there is Isabgol and probiotics. And coaches like me.

Happy dumping.  Errmmm…I mean All the best for your interview.


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