The Babbler, The Dabbler, The Scrabbler

The Babbler, The Dabbler, The Scrabbler

I often come across three kinds of people in career work. Which one of these are you?

The Babbler:
Talks about his/her career. Either to others or self. Has career on his mind all the time, and it has been so for some time now. Hemming and hawing. In the throes of indecision. Or under mild intoxication of a dream or ambition. Or in a prison of one’s job.  Or sometimes, hugely under the influence of a new age influencer ( keeps quoting them… and so says…..). Talks to friends, talks to spouse, talks to self, even talks to a coach (sometimes several!)

The Dabbler:
Has many ideas. Is trying out multiple things. Has fingers in many half-baked pies. Is throwing several things at the wall to see what sticks. Sometimes, is not clear what ‘sticks’ means to him. Is it a financial- stick, or a reputation-stick, or well, is it a joy-stick! Also, still figuring out the yardstick (for success).

The Scrabbler:
Is more aware of the chips he has. The chips could be skills, qualifications, experience, brand, network, finances, constraints, support systems…. Is trying to expand his vocabulary so as to make the highest word score from whatever chips he has. Understands that for a good word score, sometimes you do not need to use all your letters, just focus on a few.  Also gets this important bit – you needn’t have the highest letter  chips, sometime simple letters organized at the right place can yield a high word score.

We may be one or the other of the above three. And often, the above are not as much people descriptions, but stage descriptions. One progresses from babbler, to dabbler to scrabbler.

Have you met any of the three above? Which one are you?


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