What next in my career?

More is possible.

Ride career events with confidence


Mastering upturns

You have just landed a big promotion that you had been working towards for so long.
Or you have just been given a high visibility project you had been vying for. This could be a career highlight for you.
Or you have just joined a new organization, perhaps a role of your dreams.
You want to give this opportunity your very best.


Managing downturns

Things had been going well, but something has changed. You have received some feedback that is causing you concern. You need to do something quick or else!
Or, you were blind-sided by a business change and have been ‘restructured’ or ‘downsized’. You have been a strong performer with years of experience. This wasn’t meant to happen! What now?


Manoeuvring change

You have put in the years and been rewarded too. But is there more in you? You can strike it bigger. How do you develop your leadership skills and capabilities further?
Or, you have taken a career break and are contemplating a comeback. But it seems so daunting! Where should you start?
Or you have a dream of doing something entirely different. But is this the right time? Is this the right thing? So many what-ifs and how-tos!

Two Coaching Plans to Shape your Career

Career Acceleration Roadmap

Career Compass Coaching

Career Acceleration Roadmap

Coaching conversations to help create your roadmap for career success

What it is

  • Six 1:1 conversations of 60 mins each
  • At your pace
  • Suggested time frame: 6-12 weeks

What you get

  • Together we will walk through the following steps to help you draft a comprehensive plan to accelerate your career
  • Get Destination Clarity – Strengths and Values exploration, Goal setting
  • Understand the terrain – Your environment check, identifying roadblocks
  • Driver’s skills check – Developing your skills in the current job and beyond
  • Warning signs – Identifying potential career derailers
  • Pit-stops and Refueling – Managing your well being, Sharpening the saw
  • Curating Team YOU – Creating your network of sponsors and supporters

Invest in yourself with the Career Acceleration Roadmap

A typical engagement lasts for 2-3 months. Decide a schedule that works for you after an exploratory call. Why amble when you can accelerate your career? It is an investment you make in yourself and your future. Get going.

Career Compass Coaching

A coaching partnership to support your career journey

What it is

  • Bespoke Coaching tailored entirely around your needs
  • Collaboratively decide number of sessions required and pace based on your agenda
  • 1:1 sessions of 60 mins each

What you get

A coaching engagement to drive the agenda and priorities you think are most important. Enlist an expert coach who will support you in navigating specific career turns or during longer career climbs. You will have an experienced career partner who can help you gain clarity, define goals, develop skills, overcome limiting beliefs, give feedback and hold you accountable. And occasionally digress where required to offer advice on maneuvering through the corporate maze and avoiding pitfalls.

Invest in yourself with the Career Compass Coaching

Engagements typically last for a minimum of 4 months, say for riding over a career event, to as long as a year for continued career support to give you an edge. No classroom or online training you may attend matches up to this personalised support. This is a high returns investment you make in yourself and your future. Get going.

Frequently Asked Questions About Career Coaching

How are the Career Acceleration Roadmap (CAR) and Career Compass Coaching (CCC) different?

The CAR is a structured offering of 6 personalized interactions where we cover a particular topic in every session. The purpose of the six sessions is to follow a step-by-step process to help you create a clear roadmap, an action plan for your career growth. You can choose the gaps between each session after discussion with me.

The CCC is a bespoke service. The coaching sessions are one on one, just as in CAR but you decide the agenda of the session. The minimum number of sessions I recommend is six, with no more than 2 weeks of gap between two sessions. You get to decide the length of the engagement.

How should I choose which coaching service to take?

The CAR is a great choice if you are trying to grow where you are or chasing a career milestone. The CCC is used for a variety of reasons, some of which can be :

– Longer term career growth partnership with a coach

– Settling into a new role or starting strong in a new job

– Working on developing some critical skills required for growth

– Managing a career event or change

– Gaining clarity, managing decisions and dilemmas

– Tiding over a difficult period in your career –  interpersonal challenges at work/performance  challenge/current or imminent job loss

I have been assigned a coach from within the organization. Do I still need a coach from the outside?

Many organizations are investing in developing internal coaches. Kudos to your organization if they are supporting you through a coach. Do consider though whether the internal coach is trained and experienced in coaching. Two, it is best if your internal coach is distanced from your immediate work. Often, managers are expected to coach their team members in the course of day-to-day interactions. This can be helpful in improving performance if the manager is trained and if there is trust in the relationship. If these two conditions are met, your manager may even be able to help you plan your career, but within the organization.

An external coach can, in complete confidentiality, help you work through your career from an external, independent perspective which is unencumbered by organizational culture and constraints. An internal coach, like you, is an employee of the organization, with coaching being a means to meet organizational goals. An external coach however has one, and only one focus of interest – You.

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