Career Compass Coaching

A coaching partnership to support your career journey

Who is it for?

The Career Compass Coaching (CCC) is a bespoke service designed entirely around what you want from it. Following is an indicative list to give you an idea about the areas CCC can help with:

  • Longer term career growth partnership with a coach
  • Settling into a new role or starting strong in a new job
  • Developing some critical skills required for growth
  • Managing a career event, change or transition, whether positive or otherwise
  • Gaining clarity, managing dilemmas, taking decisions
  • Tiding over career challenges – interpersonal challenges/ performance challenge/ current or imminent job loss

What the Course is

  • Bespoke Coaching tailored entirely around your needs
  • Collaboratively decide number of sessions required and pace based on your agenda
  • 1:1 sessions of 60 mins each
  • Engagements typically last for a minimum of 4 months, say for riding over a career event, to as long as a year for continued career support to give you an edge

What you get

A coaching engagement to drive the agenda and priorities you think are most important. Enlist an expert coach who will support you in navigating specific career turns or during longer career climbs. An experienced career partner can help you:

  • gain clarity
  • define goals
  • make an action plan
  • develop skills
  • overcome limiting beliefs
  • improve through feedback
  • hold you accountable

And occasionally digress where required to offer advice on maneuvering through the corporate maze and avoiding pitfalls.

I’m an Executive Coach (PCC-ICF) with over two decades of experience across HR and coaching. As an HR leader with some of the top multinational organizations, I have gained rich exposure to the entire employee life cycle. I have worked with and coached across levels, geographies, industries and domains. I know first-hand the career challenges and opportunities of the corporate environment and have helped many maneuver through these and achieve multiple successes in their careers. When working with me you get the benefit of an experienced credentialed Executive coach, who has strong contextual understanding.

I also serve as the Global Employment Advisor, supporting US diplomatic family members across 11 countries in Asia as their career and employment coach.

Invest in yourself with the Career Compass Coaching

No classroom or online training you may attend matches up to this personalized support. This is a high returns investment you make in yourself and your future. Get going.


Let the facts talk

  1. 45% organizations plan to restructure in 2021Mercer Global Talent Trends 2021.
    How can you make your career future-proof?
  2. 71% employees want a mid-life checkup for their health, wealth and career –  Mercer Global Talent Trends 2021.
    How is your career health?
  3. 32% of organizations are replacing full-time employees with contingent workers as a cost-saving measure – Gartner.
    What does this mean for your career? Opportunity or threat?
  4. 36% of professionals say they plan to take a different job in the near future because the pandemic allowed them to re-evaluate what they want and the change they need. (Korn Ferry survey).
    Are you in this 36%?

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