1-2-3: Just prepare these if you have limited time before an interview

The headhunter calls you and asks if you are available this evening for tomorrow morning “Hi, this is an urgent position and the visiting global leader is interested in meeting you. Of course she can meet you virtually next week too, but why miss the opportunity of making an impression in person” 

When opportunity rings the doorbell,  it is wise to answer the door even if you haven’t had much time for prep.  Just prepare these three if you have limited time before an interview:

 1. compelling summary statement that includes your brief experience overview, your unique argument for why you are perfect for the position, and what appeals to you about the position or organization. Make this and keep it close at hand. Versions of this might be used as response to “Tell me about yourself,” “Why you want to join us,” as closing statement, etc., with slight modifications. Most applicants stumble on this question. Prepare this, and your interview will start off strong.

2. Two questions you might ask the interviewers to demonstrate your interest and curiosity about the role. Think of questions that are really of interest to you and not cliches. Choose questions that are relevant to who you are asking them to.

3. Your top three professional stories. These might include your two greatest accomplishments that are relevant to the position you are interviewing for, as well as any anecdote you believe will help people remember you (it could even be a failure story).

If you can,  practice speaking your responses out loud a couple of times;  especially your introductory statement. You’ll be able to start the interview strong and create a positive feedback loop with your confidence.

All the best!



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