How can I overcome nerves before an interview?

Simple, earnest question: How can I overcome nerves before an interview?

Simple, effective answer: Try the 3Ps

Apart from doing what it it is expected to do, i.e. making us more prepared, it does something else that is important. Many of us suffer from imposter syndrome, and many of us feel guilty if we feel we haven’t worked hard enough for something important. Prep helps combat these negative thoughts.

More importantly, Equal Power. We need to remind ourselves often that the interviewer needs good talent as much as the candidate needs the job. It is an interaction amongst equals. You as a candidate are also evaluating the company. Go in just to have a great conversation!

It may sound shallow, but dress for confidence. Definitely be yourself, but be your best self. Just as inner confidence reflects as an outer glow, the reverse is also true – looking good outside gives inner confidence. Same for smiling. We smile when we feel good, and often smiling makes us feel good.

All the best!


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