Discussing Covid in job interviews


You are doing yourself a disservice if you aren’t prepared for discussing Covid in some form during job interviews. For the next couple of years at least. Here are some areas you should prepare discussion points on.

Early career interviews:  impact on you – personal/professional, key challenges, key learnings, why are you seeking change; an occasional recruiter may ask you about how you upskilled during lockdown (it is perfectly alright if you didn’t join the bandwagon, but practice answering this question tactfully, non-defensively)

Mid-career: All of the above, impact on your org, your team, key supervisory challenges, how you kept up the morale/productivity of the team while managing your own, the impact on your product/market/ customers, your career choices in the context of #pandemic, research the impact of the pandemic on the potential employer.

More experienced/senior roles: Apart from the above, develop a well-informed post-pandemic world view, longer-term impact on your and potential employer’s org/function, best-practice sharing, foundational shifts in your industry, new ways to deliver value to customers, potential new #opportunities, business continuity in VUCA world, making orgs resilient to black swan events,  #leadership skills in the new normal.


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