Interview Preparation Playbook™ for Mid to Senior roles Video Course

Is this you? You are in talks with your dream company. You have a strong performance record. You are confident about your skills and experience and are a strong candidate. But so are the others.  You are thinking how you can stand out.

Is this you? You are in a leadership role and have interviewed many candidates in your career. But it has been many years since you faced an interview yourself.  You are thinking if your candidate skills are sharp and up to date.

Is this you? You have a strong track record and haven’t felt the need to seek another opportunity. But something in the business environment is changing. You’re now seeking a role outside. You have to be ‘desirable’ to a potential employer.

The Interview Preparation Playbook™ for Mid to Senior roles is just for you!

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What the Course is

  • Decades of corporate experience and research-based insights distilled and brought to you in a power-packed 2 hours on-demand video course
  • Delivers tremendous value in short time
    Step-by-step guided journey through The 6 Step preparation process
  • Real examples drawn from interview preparation with actual clients
  • Comprehensive Toolkit to help you manage your preparation. Stays relevant across multiple interviews
  • Limited time offer : Complimentary 30 mins personal consultation

What you will learn

Step 1 :  The Best of Me

  • The inside-out approach to preparation
  • Crafting your career stories  to make an impact
  • Leadership hiring – What are they looking for
  • Building your Experience Portfolio

Downloadable Tool:  Career Story Template

Step 2: Research

  • Why you need to research
  • What to look for – Research areas
  • Where to Look – Research sources
  • How to capture your research

Downloadable Tool: Research Template with Illustration

Step 3: Creating your Question Bank

  • 4 Dimensions of Leadership
  • Five  sources of anticipated questions
  • Commonly asked questions
  • Psychometric assessments and how they influence your interview
  • Questions related to the pandemic
  • What questions to ask

Downloadable tool: Question bank template with Sample Questions

Step 4 –  Make a Match

  • Types of Interview rounds
  • Answer with impact by choosing the right stories
  • What to highlight, what to avoid

Downloadable Tool: Answers Tip-Sheet for  anticipated questions

Step 5 – Greenroom

  • Setting the stage – Infrastructure dos and don’ts
  • Rehearsing your script – Why and How
  • Exhibiting Executive presence

Downloadable Tools: Pre- Interview Checklist (for Virtual and In-person interviews); Mock Interview Self- Review sheet

Step 6 – Post Interview

  • What your post- interview activities should focus on
  • Post -interview Activity timeline

Downloadable Tool: Post interview Activity template

Bonus module: How to show you are Culture-Fit

  • What does  ‘culture- fit’ mean
  • How to show you are culturally aligned, or at least not misaligned
  • Looking beyond the Expressed Culture to Real Culture
  • Anticipating questions around being a Culture- fit, and how to answer them

2 hours invested in this course take your interview game to a whole new level!


Why should you work with me?

I’m an Executive Coach PCC-ICF with over two decades of experience on the other side of the table. As an HR leader with some of the top multinational organizations, I have interviewed 1000X candidates across levels, geographies, industries and domains. I know first-hand what is it that organizations are looking for, how hiring decisions are made, why some candidates make it and some miss it by a hair-breadth. I understand how interviews for leadership roles are different from those early in your career. I have not only hired, but trained 100X interviewers on the process and art of effective interviewing. I have distilled my experience in this course to bring you not only tremendous value, but significant competitive advantage as well

I have supported my clients land roles such as: Executive VP(Food & Ag sector), Sr. Director (IT sector), Director (Health sector), Country Manager (Energy Sector) across Indian and Multinational corporates, various roles in US Civil &Foreign Services, International Organizations and others

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