Interview Deep Dive Coaching

Are you prepared?

Did you know that the most popular interview technique is structured interviews and behavioral interviews, used by over 73% of HR professionals?

(LinkedIn Global Recruiting Trends)

Can you put your best foot forward in a virtual interview too?

81% talent professionals say virtual recruiting will continue even after post Covid. 70% agree it will become the new standard.

(LinkedIn talent insights 2020  across 1518 professionals from 25 countries)

You will most likely go through a psychometric assessment. Can you make it work to your advantage?

Personality profiling and assessment tools are also being used more. … multiple forms of tech-based profiling and psychometric tests are now used — even more so than before the pandemic.

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Your competition is now not limited to your geography

This “new normal” — in other words, an increasingly remote, digital and internationalized way of working — is giving businesses more scope to look further afield for talent. Around 40% of clients have asked us to look across borders and run global searches for senior talent”

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You are competing not only with other candidates, but increasingly with internal talent as well

73% of  (HR professionals) say internal recruiting is increasing. Internal mobility is up by 20% since onset of  Covid.  (LinkedIn global talent trends 2020)

First things first,  do you believe that having a coach is critical to an athlete’s performance?

Despite all your experience and achievements, can you digest feedback if it helps you improve?

For anything that really matters to you, are you willing to sweat it out?

Read on only if you have answered Yes to all the above.

The Intensive Deep Dive  Coaching is a high value-high returns investment. It is like an intensive full body work-out package with the instructor. We will work on every aspect of your preparation so thoroughly that chances of you delivering a stellar interview are almost assured. This option is for those who have a steely resolve and are not afraid to sweat it on the path to  success. More importantly, this is for those who despite all their experience, are eager for feedback that helps them improve.

If you are starting out on your job search and anticipate at least a month before your interview, or if you haven’t appeared for an interview for past some years, go for thorough preparation with an experienced coach by your side. Interview Deep Dive is the best option if you are interviewing for an opportunity of a life-time and want to be able to tell yourself with utmost honesty  that you gave it your best shot.

Be proactive about your interview preparation.  Do not wait for rejections before you think about diving deep.

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What the Course is

  • Six 1:1 Bespoke sessions of 60 mins each
  • Deep Dive preparation over 4-6 weeks – requires you to do Homework!
  • Best suited when you start your job search or your CV has just been shortlisted for a dream role
  • Highly recommended if it has been some years since you appeared for an interview
  • Includes Interview Preparation Playbook Course

What you get

  • Cultivating the interview mindset
  • Guidance on research
  • Creating your Interview Dossier
  • Identifying and crafting your most impactful career stories
  • Creating your Question Bank of anticipated questions
  • Prepare for Leadership competencies most organizations hire for
  • Responses that highlight your Value Proposition
  • Demonstrating you are Culture fit, and not a misfit!
  • How to deal with psychometric assessments
  • What questions to ask
  • Identifying your blind spots and derailers
  • Steer the interview using techniques taught to C- Suite executives for handling tough media questions
  • Mock practice of strongly anticipated questions
  • Exhibiting Executive Presence
  • CV and LinkedIn Presence review

Why should you work with me?

I’m an Executive Coach (PCC-ICF) with two decades of experience on the other side of the table. As an HR leader with some of the top multinational organizations, I have interviewed 1000X candidates across levels, geographies, industries and domains. I know first-hand what is it  that organizations are looking for, how hiring decisions are made, why some candidates make it and some miss it by a hair-breadth, or a mile!  I understand how interviews for leadership roles are different from those early in your career. I have not only hired, but trained 100X interviewers on the process and art of effective interviewing.  You have the advantage of accessing this experience by getting coached directly by me. No matter what your experience and achievements in your domain, you will gain tremendously from having an experienced coach on your side as you aim for your next dream job or career opportunity.

I have supported my clients land roles such as:  Executive VP(Food & Ag sector), Sr. Director (IT sector), Director (Health sector),  Country Manager (Energy Sector) across Indian and Multinational corporates,  various roles in US Civil &Foreign Services, International Organizations and others.

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